Native American Financial Services Association’s Online Financial Literacy Program: Helping You Take Control of Your Financial Future

Oct 5, 2022Financial Literacy, NAFSA News

Over four years ago, The Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA) began providing a FREE online financial literacy program that provides users with a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge about business and personal finances. This one-of-a-kind online program is a first for Indian Country and part of NAFSA’s efforts to bolster financial literacy across tribal communities and continue fulfilling its mission as an organization.

A lack of financial literacy and financial education continues to be a major problem in the United States, and this issue disproportionately impacts Tribal communities across Indian Country.  Many consumers don’t know how to properly manage a budget, let alone investments, thus leading to a failure in properly planning for one’s finances and their overall financial future.  NAFSA remains committed to empowering Tribal communities with the skills they need to change this trend and thrive financially. 

Through our innovative financial literacy program, we provide a resource that encourages users to take control of their finances and empower them to better understand how their finances work.   

NAFSA’s Financial Literacy Program offers an assortment of easy to use online modules covering a wide variety of financial topics, including financial foundations, home ownership, investing and more.  Many of these modules, easily accessible via computer or any smart device, take less than 10 minutes to complete, and are part of a larger series of playlists, with modules placed together by key topics for maximized learning.   Also included, are a series of online calculators, which help simulate financial scenarios they might most likely encounter in real life situations.  

There is no time like the present to invest in your financial health, grow your knowledge of personal finance and start taking control of your future. And NAFSA’s  unique and easy-to-use online  financial literacy training portal is the best place to start.

To learn more and begin the program, visit: 

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