Reporting Elder Financial Abuse

Aug 31, 2022Financial Literacy

We have all heard about the rise of elder financial abuse.  We may even know someone this happened to.  But what happens after the abuse has occurred?  What are the appropriate ways to report this and hopefully prevent future crimes.  The elderly are an especially vulnerable population, and understanding how to report elder financial abuse may be the key to preventing long term financial issues for them.  

Using the free *Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA) Financial Literacy Program, you can explore online playlists with many modules that relate to overall financial competency, whether this is planning to becoming a financial caregiver, or wanting to make sure you understand the expectations of becoming a financial caregiver our curated playlists will provide you with important information.

Reporting Elder Financial Abuse:

Financial abuse involves fraud, where deception is used to deprive another person of property or money for the financial gain of another.  Some fraud may be glaringly obvious while others may be much more difficult to decipher.   

Our Reporting Elder Financial Abuse module, located in the Financial Caregiving playlist, offers general guidance as to  what to do when you suspect someone has been a victim of elder financial abuse, who to report to, and what steps to take after the reporting has occurred. Working through this module will help provide you with an important playbook should someone you care about experience elder financial abuse.   

The NAFSA Financial Literacy Program provides a variety of modules and tools with easy-to-understand information to help people better comprehend their finances and make more informed decisions.

Explore the program today:

*The NAFSA Financial Literacy Program content contained on the NAFSA web page(s) referenced above, and on any subsequent pages created by our service providers/partners, provides general consumer information. It is not legal advice or regulatory guidance. There may be other resources that also serve your needs and you are always encouraged to, and should, consult with your own professional advisors prior to making any financial decisions.

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