Gary Davis meets with Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) on February 28, 2017.

Executive Director Gary Davis meets with Congressional members to build awareness and present the facts on Tribal Financial Services

This week, Native American Financial Services Association’s (NAFSA) Executive Director, Gary Davis, will meet with several members of Congress on Capitol Hill to advocate on behalf of NAFSA members concerning the opportunities that exist in Tribal financial services and correct the many misconceptions that exist regarding tribal online lenders.

“In times of political and economic uncertainty in Indian Country, Tribal financial services represent the most significant Tribal economic development opportunity since the onset of Indian gaming,” said Executive Director Davis. “Congress needs to understand this rapidly growing industry, know who our members are and better understand the importance of Tribal financial services to our economy.”

NAFSA will have a full report on the Capitol Hill visits available during National RES hosted in Las Vegas from March 13-15, 2017. More information is here

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