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A Digital Financial Literacy Program

Too many consumers mismanage their budgets, make uninformed investment decisions, and fail to properly plan for the future. NAFSA is committed to empowering people with the skills they need to change this trend and thrive financially. NAFSA’s Financial Literacy Program offers an assortment of digital modules covering a wide variety of financial topics, including building emergency savings, mortgage education, and retirement planning.

Tribal Online Lending Best Practices

NAFSA has developed Best Practices for the exclusive use of all NAFSA Members as it relates to their Tribal Online Lending businesses. We believe these Best Practices will help ensure consumer protection, quality service, and positive customer and industry interactions during the life of the loans made by tribal lending entities who are NAFSA members. Our Best Practices apply to all stages of the loan, including marketing, origination, servicing, collecting, and ongoing data privacy.

The Latest Financial News

Sen. Merkley: Stop Demonizing Legal Native American Businesses

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley made his bones by removing Oregon payday lenders from the state by limiting their potential revenue to the point where they couldn’t do business. The result was a loss of several hundred jobs, millions in labor income, and many more...

Analog tribes in a digital economy

If 90% of public schools in the United States lacked Internet access, there would be a national call to action. If 90% of any ethnic group in the country was not connected to the Internet, the backlash would be immense. In 2011, the Federal Communications Commission...

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Take Action

Stop the Senate Banking Committee from Interfering with Tribal Sovereignty

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