Experian North America Releases 2019 Inclusion and Diversity Report

Mar 24, 2020Financial Literacy

Credit monitoring company Experian North America recently released its third annual inclusion and diversity report to provide data on how they are focused on creating an inclusive workplace. The 2019 report, titled “The Power of You,”  disclosed that 47 percent of new hires were female, and 44 percent were non-white.

“Diversity of background, of experience, and of thought brings new ideas to our organization which fosters the innovation that helps to improve the lives of consumers every day,” said CEO Craig Boundy in a press release accompanying the report. “Our culture of inclusion and diversity underpins our business success, which underpins what our brand stands for.”

Some of the initiatives that drive Experian’s Power of You movement include pay equity, flexible working arrangements, paternal leave, and corporate social responsibility to make employees feel empowered to work for the company.

Experian North America also launched Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), employee-run networks that help foster a sense of community and connection. ERGs reach their core objectives with events like fundraising, charity walks, and food drives.

“We encourage our employees to bring their whole selves to work and have created a culture of inclusion that helps to fuel our continued product innovation,” said Justin Hastings, Experian’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

Many Experian employees also volunteered to evaluate Experian Boost, a consumer-controlled tool that can benefit an individual’s financial well-being. Employees stated that they believed in the program’s ability to help millions of Americans.

To view this year’s full report, click here.

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