NAFSA Launches Digital Financial Literacy Program

Sep 18, 2018 | News

The Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA) is pleased to announce the launch of our Digital Financial Literacy Program. This program is designed to provide easy-to-understand information to help people better understand their finances and make decisions. Through this initiative, everyone will have access to free and reliable financial education resources to better prepare them for the future.

Some of the program’s highlights include:

  • A series of interactive learning modules on key financial topics
  • Mobile and tablet-enabled courses so you can learn anytime and anywhere
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish

Finances Made Easy

NAFSA is dedicated to making financial literacy accessible for everyone. We are offering six educational series covering a wide variety of financial topics:

  • Business 101: Starting and maintaining a small business is no easy task. Our Business 101 series provides the tools you need to build and maintain credit, develop a business plan, and advance your current project.
  • Finances 101: Taking control of your finances can be daunting. With our Finances 101 series, we will help you create a budget, learn the ins and outs of savings and checking accounts, credit cards, as well as explore mobile payment options, and more.
  • Major Decisions: Buying a house, getting a car loan, or refinancing your mortgage are all significant financial decisions. Use our Major Decisions series to explore what options will help you make the best choice.
  • Looking into the Future: Planning is the key to financial success. Our Looking into the Future series will assist you in planning for retirement, managing your investments, and much more.
  • Protecting our Elders: As our family members and loved ones age, it is essential that we keep their physical and financial well-being in mind. Planning for or becoming a caregiver, preventing elder fraud, and reporting financial abuse are all topics explained in our Protecting our Elders series.
  • Youth Financial Toolkit: Developing good financial habits during youth is vital to long-term financial health. The Youth Financial Toolkit will help our young people navigate the murky waters of banking basics, credit, saving for higher education, and more.

Each educational series has a set of modules. Most modules are three to ten minutes in length and designed to encourage participants to build financial confidence via a series of interactive activities.

Continuing Financial Education

Becoming financially literate is a journey. NAFSA’s Financial Literacy Program is a great place to start on this path. Join NAFSA as we explore the ins and out of what can be a prickly topic.  Finances do not have to be scary, and we hope our resources will be helpful to you. Continuously check back to NAFSA’s blog for tips, information, and news related to financial literacy.

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