Five months ago, my tribe decided to partner with Think Finance to offer Plain Green. Plain Green makes short term installment loans and has experienced tremendous success since launching and I’m proud to say our tribe is already feeling the benefits. More jobs, more development, more opportunity.

In today’s economy, we’re struggling as Native Americans to provide for our people. We need business, we need partnerships, and we need a chance. Right now, my tribe is doing everything it can to develop a better life for it’s members and can do so by offering a valuable product to consumers. Short term credit doesn’t always enjoy the best reputation but I urge you to look at Plain Green. We offer installment loans to hard-working Americans who can’t get credit anywhere else. We help them when they have few options. We give them a chance to not only lower the cost of their loans with good payment history but INCREASE their credit score. Innovation like that is helping those Americans to help themselves. This type of innovation is helping my tribe realize a better life.

I encourage every other tribe to find their own innovative path in e-commerce through various business opportunities. Prosperity is possible.

Chairman Bruce Sunchild
Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation of Montana

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