Why is Financial Literacy Important?

Sep 24, 2018News

In today’s rapidly expanding and changing financial market, becoming and staying financially literate is more critical than ever. From understanding the current economic landscape to the digitization of banking, successfully navigating the financial sector is crucial and can be treacherous for the uninformed.

Access to a free, comprehensive financial literacy program can help people develop their financial skills as well as their confidence when it comes to money and investing.

Financial Literacy at Any Age

Financial Literacy is for everyone! It is never too early or too late for people to start taking control of their finances. The first step is education. The Native American Financial Services Association’s (NAFSA) comprehensive, concise, and easy-to-navigate financial literacy platform has lessons and modules for individuals of all ages.

Teens and Young Adults: Many teens don’t know where to start or even have a sense of the many financial decisions they will have to make as they get older. Whether saving for higher education, learning the banking basics, or using credit wisely, NAFSA has resources to make those future decisions more manageable.

Adults: Most adults face a multitude of financial decisions throughout their lives. whether it’s buying a house, starting a business, or looking into the future, NAFSA’s financial literacy program has the tools to help people feel more confident when making these tough decisions.

Seniors: Healthy finances while aging is only one of the factors people need to consider. Planning for a caregiver, reporting elder financial abuse, and preventing elder fraud are all topics everyone should be aware of, whether for themselves or a loved one.

Learn more about the program today: https://nafsa.everfi-next.net/


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